Jun 2017

The Benefits of Country Specific Domain Names (.ZM)

Most new company websites have a tendency to go for domain names with a .net or .com TLD (Top Level Domain). They believe this will make their sites appear more professional and will have an international appeal. In many cases, this is true. However, it may be beneficial to consider buying a domain name with a country-specific.

Many entrepreneurs overlook the great opportunity of bringing in extra customers by choosing a country-specific domain name.

There are several benefits that can result from selecting a domain name with a country-specific domain, more so if your business is primarily conducted in one country.

Buyer confidence

Having a country-specific domain is likely to give a buyer more confidence when buying since they view the site as local, and hence governed by the same laws. This simplifies the process of sales and follow-up if any problems arise during purchase. It also gives the buyer peace of mind when they see a familiar street address, rather than a foreign one.

Sometimes, the best approach is to purchase both a country domain and a .com. This enables you to attract both national and international customers. The potential sales you can generate with a country-specific domain should not be ignored, as a minimal investment in an extra domain can result in big returns for your business.

Customer predictability

Another advantage of having a country-specific domain name is that you already have an idea of where your customer could be from. This means lists products from that customer’s region without finding out from the customer their geographical location. When a customer indicates their country domain, you could direct them to your main domain but display only items that they would be interested in, with prices indicated in their own local currency. This gives the website a local feel, which will generate buying confidence that is vital when trying to make a sale.

Local targeting

Perhaps the most notable advantage of country domains is that you can target traffic from specific areas of the world. This is because search engines return a different results depending on the person searching. For example, if a person here in Zambia visits the google web page, they will be brought to which is the Zambian version of Google.

Any web searches they conduct will be far more likely to return sites with the than with e.g. or

Better Domain Names

Another benefit of country domains that is overlooked is the fact that there is a wider selection of premium domain names available within the country domain database. This is because the conventional .com, .org and .net domains are extremely saturated, and most all of the good names have been taken.

We at I-Rock try to be a little dramatic and we say One Zambia One Domain.

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