Mar 2017

Using SEO to create a strong online presence!

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for the words Search Engine Optimization, which is basically a way to secure your website ranking among the top of any search engine on searches relating to your business or its services.


We have gone from the age of the Yellow pages to Online searching for the products and services we want or even need.

The internet provides us with all the information and details we need to make purchases sometimes from the comfort of our own homes.

Hello delivery!

So why not use this way of consumer thinking to promote your own products and services right? Let’s create a website!

Am sure most of us have reached this far and now are sitting back waiting for orders to start pouring in because it worked for someone.


So how does search engine optimization come into play?


Well it comes in right here.

The truth is, without any effort to your website it becomes a ghost to Google and if your page does not appear on the first page of a search, the chances of a consumer finding it are a good 0% according to

In order to optimize your website to the requirements of these search engines: focus your attention your company profile on your website and insure that you have made every essential aspect of your business and what you provide.

Make sure the details are precise but a short description none the less.

Having many pages will not make your website anymore optimized.

The second most important thing is to ensure that your website has strong backlinks.

Those are the most important tricks of the SEO trade.


However, you are in luck!


I-Rock provides services that can let you know the rank that search engines place your website as well as evaluates what you may be doing right or wrong to have been placed so high or low in that hierarchy.

Once this is done, how about we throw in a little optimization to make sure your website stays at the top of search engines.

SEO can be done by anyone but am sure you did not create your own website because you wanted a professional web designer in order for it to appeal to your target audience.

Search engines are I-Rock’s playground.

We know what Google wants because we work with it everyday.


Keeping up with the constant requirements that search engines have is vital to make sure your website does not sink to the bottom of the food chain.


Look out for next week’s article on Social Media Marketing. Yep, you guessed it! SMM.

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