Mar 2017

What is B2B?

There are so many aspects of B2B. These include:

B2B marketing

B2B e-commerce

Just to name the two most common types.




Today we are looking at a brief of what exactly B2B before we get into B2B in depth a little later in the year.


So what is B2B?

B2B is a the commence transaction between businesses. it is the modern day barter system where companies exchange information, services, products or technology for the same. This means instead of using cash as a method of payment, a business would provide something of value in return.


According to B2B for start-ups its the 2017 Smart business choice and they document this with 20 versions and ideas on how to use this type of business to help your business from a dream to reality.


Benefits of B2B

Relationships between businesses are formed.

Capital is invested into another aspects of the business.


The fact that B2B is so vast, there are a number of sections and strategies that a business can use to make this form of business work for them.

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We are open to any and all proposes. Remember to get something of value you have to give something of value. that is how B2B works.



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